Collection: 200G Optical Transceivers

High-speed 200G Optical Transceivers for Bandwidth-intensive Applications

Westbury Photonics offers a range of 200G (200GBASE) optical transceivers, mainly QSFP56 form factor pluggable modules. We offer a range of modules that can travel distances from 100m to 2km, such as SR4 and FR4.

An optical transceiver is a device that can both transmit and receive data. A 200G transceiver is a high-speed transceiver that can handle data transfer rates of up to 200 gigabits per second. These transceivers are used in high-bandwidth applications such as data centers and fiber optic networks.

There are two main types of 200G transceivers: direct detect and coherent. Direct detect transceivers use simpler technology and are less expensive, but they have lower performance than coherent transceivers. Coherent transceivers use more complex technology and are more expensive, but they offer higher performance levels. 200G optical transceivers are used in a variety of applications including data center interconnects, long-haul fiber optic networks, and metro fiber optic networks.