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800G OSFP DR8 up to 500m across MMF

Code: 800G OSFP- DR8 - G
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Westbury’s industry-leading 800G OSFP optical transceiver is based on its established and scalable Silicon Photonics platform and suited to high capacity short-distance transmission. The product complies with IEE802.3ck and OSFP MSA standards and supports CMIS4.0.

Features: • High capacity 800G • Industry standard MPO style connector • Suitable for link lengths up to 500m across OM3 • Commercial temperature range environments • Based on a highly scalable Silicon Photonics platform Applications: • 800G Ethernet • Datacentre • Mobile edge computing • Cloud networks High level specification: • Operating temp: 0-70C Tcase • 100G per lane data rate

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