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800G OSFP FR8 up to 2km SMF

Code: 800G OSFP - FR8 - G
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Westbury’s industry-leading 800G OSFP optical transceiver is based on its established and scalable Silicon Photonics platform and suited to high capacity short-distance transmission up to 2km across single mode fibre. The product complies with IEE802.3ck and OSFP MSA standards and supports CMIS4.0.

Features: •High capacity 800G OSFP MSA compliant transceiver •Link lengths up to 2km across single mode fibre •Industry standard LC connector •Commercial temperature range •Highly scalable and lower power Silicon Photonics platform Applications: •800G Ethernet •Datacentre •Mobile edge computing •Cloud networks High level specification: •Operating temp: 0-70C Tcase •100G per lane data rate

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